Bridge Crossings No. 11
By Steven A. Weinhold, PE
Erection Engineering for Steel Bridge Superstructures

Bridge Rehabilitation Saves a Lost Art
Once a popular bridge design, lenticular truss bridges are now few and far between.

Celebrating 200 Years of Statehood
It was critical that The Tennessee Bicentennial Mall Railroad trestle was completed on time.

Galvanizing Eliminates Repainiting on Bridges
A turn-key operation specializes in designing, fabricating and erecting galvanized truss bridges

High Strength Steel Reduces Truss Costs
A new bridge across the Chelyan River in West Virginia utilized Gr. 36, 50 and 70 steels

International Connection
The Blue Water Bridge, which connects Port Huron in Michigan to Ontario, is one of the first major bridges to use LRFD and SI units.

Off The Beam