Cable-Stayed Bridge Uses New Post-Tensioning System
By William B. Caroland, PE, & Jorge M. Suarez, PE 
Stretching over the Ohio River

Economy in Steel
By Carter, Murray & Thornton
Practical information for designers

New Design Developments
By Carter, Murray & Thornton
What's on the Horizon for Steel

Reducing Fabrication Costs
Ideas from the Field: Every fabricator and erector has a long list of ideas on what design engineers can do to reduce the cost of building a steel structure. What follows are some thoughts gathered in the field.

Reducing Fabrication Costs in Steel Bridges
By Kim Roddis & Zhong Liu
New software under development

Reducing Joist Costs
Advice from the Steel Joist Institute

Value Engineering For Steel Construction
By David T. Ricker, P.E.
A complete design is the best assurance that those who must use that design will accurately interpret the intent of the designer.