Airport Features a Seismic Retrofit During Construction
By Emmanual E. Valivasakis and John Abruzzo
After the 1999 quake near Istanbul, technical team evaluates the seismic resistance of Ataturk International Airport.

Designing a Landmark for the United Arab Emirates
By Martin J. Halford and Paul J. Walters
The tallest hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab sits on a man-made island 300 m off the coast of Dubai.

Revised Code Brings Together Full Design Team
By Charles J. Carter, S.E., P.E.

Steel Meets Challenges at Bluewater Mall
By Nadia Cadby
Built on the Blue Circle chalk quarry in Kent, UK, Bluewater Mall provides aesthetic interest as well as quality retailing.

Up In The Air: New Airport Highlights Steel-Framed Roof
By Dieter Feurich
Extensive expansion of the Cologne/Bonn Airport in Germany

Welding Considerations With High-Strength Steel
By Peter Lawlor
Lessons learned during the construction of Colonial Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.