Changes to T, k and k 1 Dimensions for W-Shapes
AISC ADVISORY: The maximum dimension of the radius between the web and flange of some W-shapes has increased.

Fraternal Twins Communicate Corporate Vision
By DeScenza PE, Sowlat SE, Kopp SE, & Hungspruke
Steel was the material of choice for the structural systems in Lucent's new research and development centers in Lisle and Naperville, IL.

Galvanizer Listing
List of galvanizers provided by the American Galvanizers Association

Statement in Steel
By Kevin G. Wood, P.E.
One of the prominent features of the Milwaukee Art Museum's spectacular addition is metropolitan Milwauke's second cable stayed pedestrian bridge. (139KB PDF)

Structural Steel Exposed
By Robin Wendler, S.E., and Deirdre Van Olden
The Pittsburgh Civic Center is a dramatic example of the beauty of structural steel.

Successful Designs for Curtain Wall Attachment
By John L. Wheaton, P.E.

Tips for Avoiding Office Building Floor Vibrations
By Thomas M. Murray, Ph.D., P.E.