Does Anyone Want to be a Detailer?
By J. Russell Sutton
Plagued by an aging workforce and insufficient training opportunities, the steel fabrication industry is at a critical juncture. Simply stated, we have an emerging manpower crisis and we need to do something about it — now.

Future Hospital Design: Focusing on Performance
By Jeffrey R. Soulages, S.E. and Antonio Rubbo, P.E.
Hospitals in seismic areas are now being designed not just to survive an earthquake, but also to remain fully operational during and after a seismic event

Pacific Parking
By Scott Kennedy, P. Eng.
At the Station Oaks Parking Structure in Walnut Creek, CA, ventilation requirements to maintain an open deck rating were cleverly achieved by moving one exterior wall 5’ away from the edge of the parking slab.

Parking with Class
By Alan H. Simon, P.E.
Parking structures at Yale University and Bentley College have successfully demonstrated the economic and timesaving benefits of Hybrid Parking Solutions’ steel frame/precast concrete deck approach to structured parking.

Smart Thinking
By Thomas A. Bellace, P.E. and John L. Coulson, P.E.
Careful design and proper detailing methods can minimize the erection challenges of long-span, steel-framed parking garages.

Steel Galvanizer Listing
This information was obtained by contacting the American Galvanizers Association (AGA).

Steel Parking Structures: A 25-Year Perspective
An Interview with Charles Churches

Ticket to Success
By Sankar Chakraborty, P.E, Madan Naik, P.E., Ira Hooper, P.E. and Nazih S. Makary, P.E.
A new steel-framed parking facility for buses in New York CIty demonstrates the advantages of Design-Build.