Steel Deck: An Evolution
By Charles Ross
Steel deck has evolved from a stay-in-place concrete form to an important structural element, and it continues to evolve.

Steel Speeds Recovery
By Scott L. Melnick
Steel industry coordination permitted the Webbers Falls Bridge to reopen just two months after being damaged.

SteelWise: Anatomy of a Staggered Truss
By Bobbi Marstellar, P.E and Tom Faraone, P.E.
You've heard about staggered-truss framing, but have you ever seen it? Now's your chance! This handy poster shows common details for staggered-truss framing systems.

Aesthetic Appeal
By Jim Pierce, P.E.
Hidden end-spans are the secret behind the rusticated façades of the steel bridge carrying St. Anthony Boulevard over Minnesota Highway 47 in Minneapolis.

ASTM A6: What recent changes mean for designers and fabricators
By Tom Schlafly
A summary of recent changes in the lastest version of ASTM A6, including a brief discussion of pending changes.

Cool Curves
By Domenic Coletti, P.E., Jeff Curren, P.E. and Kalpana Sutaria, AIA
Crossing Town Lake in Austin, TX, the Pfluger Bridge’s graceful curves are supported by plate girders fabricated from weathering steel.

Flying High
By Rama Krishnagiri, Edwin Skrobacz, and Richard Szatkowski

HPS Success
By Kristi Van Ooyen, E.I.T
Integrating high-performance 70 ksi steel (HPS) with traditional 50 ksi steel yielded a design that cost 10% less than the lowest concrete bid.