2003 NASCC Exhibitor Product Highlights

Designing with Single Plate Connections
By M. Thomas Ferrell
Helpful design tips for single plate and extended single plate shear connections.

Floor Vibration Serviceability: Tips and Tools for Negotiating a Successful Design
By Linda M. Hanagan, P.E.
Floor vibrations in steel buildings increasingly are a condition of consideration for structural engineers, architects, owners and users. Here are some helpful tips.

Managing Risks: Insurance and Indemnity Clauses in Construction Contracts
By David B. Ratterman
Risk-shifting clauses in construction contracts should be carefully reviewed. Here's what to look for.

Standing Tall
By Ahmad Rahimian, S.E., P.E. and Enrique Martinez Romero, P.E.
The tallest building in the Americas south of Texas, Torre Mayor stands up to Mexico City's tough seismic conditions.

Steel Castings in Architecture and Engineering
By Hans Schober
Steel castings are an increasingly poplular connection for complex geometries.

Steel Tools
By Jason Ericksen
Are you still writing equations on the backs of envelopes? Maybe it's time you visited Steel Tools.

What to do When the Sky Starts Falling: Crisis Management and Working with the News Media
By Janine Reid
It's said that there are two types of companies--those that have already dealt with a crisis and those that will. Every company needs to be prepared for the inevitable.