Bridges and Beyond
By Beth S. Pollak
The National Student Steel Bridge competition gives young structural engineers a chance to put design, construction, and project-management principles into practice.

Composite Joist Advantage
By David Samuelson
The longer spans and open webs of composite steel joists combine structural efficiency with architectural and mechanical system flexibility.

Dynamic Workplace
By Beth S. Pollak
Architecturally exposed structural steel, natural lighting and green elements combine to create a dynamic balance of community, collaborative and individual space at the Herman Miller Marketplace in Zeeland, MI.

Green in the Golden State
By Marian Keeler

LEEDing the Way
By Bret Busse, P.E. and Scott Barney
The first two buildings of a "green" office development in Lenexa, KS demonstrate the viability of sustainable construction principles.

Power Play
By Beth S. Pollak
Extensive use of AESS and solar panels creates a light-filled, energy-efficient laboratory for San Mateo County, CA.

Steel Joist Products

Sustainable Design
By Michael G. Brennan, P.E.
Located along Pittsburgh's Monongahela River, the new operations center for PNC Bank is both employee- and Earth-friendly.

The Real Deal: Sustainable Steel
By Christopher Hewitt
AISC's Christopher Hewitt takes a look at how to measure the sustainability of a steel-framed building - and the best ways to maximize steel's green potential. (270 KB)