2005 Hot Products
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Concrete Plank Producers

Innovative Connections
By Bree Renz
ConXtech's systemized approach to steel construction streamlines and transforms traditional design and construction processes.

Quality Corner: Are you good enough to get better?
By Roberta L. Marstellar, P.E.
AISC Certification for Building Fabricators - One size fits all!

Special Delivery
By Gary Storm, P.E.
Not even a violent wind storm could stop the progress of steel erection for Memphis's FedExForum.

SpecWise: Composite Column Design
By Roberto Leon Ph.D., P.E. and Larry Griffis, P.E.
The 2005 AISC specification for axially loaded composite columns uses a model that closely resembles that of traditional steel columns.

Steel Profiles: Alan G. Davenport
By Lena Singer
Wind engineering expert Davenport has lent his expertise to some of the world's most well-known structures. His advice to young engineers? Keep it simple!

Supporting Role
By Peter J. Cheever, P.E., and Aaron C. White, P.E.
The new Boston Convention and Exhibition Center features signature V-columns that support a one-acre ballroom and provide lateral stability to large, column-free exhibit areas.

What's Cool in Steel
MSC's editorial staff picks the coolest stuff in the steel industry.