All Decked Out
By Robert C. Paul, P.E. and John Cooper
What detailers and designers need to know about metal deck.

Branching Out
By Peter von Buelow
Structural steel supports a tree house designed for children with special needs.

Flexible Moment Connections: A New Look at an Old Favorite
By Charles J. Carter, P.E., S.E. and Robert O. Disque, P.E.
"Type 2 with wind" connections receive an updated treatment - and a new name - in the 2005 AISC Manual and a recent Engineering Journal paper.

Metal Deck Products

Planning to Grow
By Chad O'Donnell, P.E.

Ponding of Concrete Deck Floors
By John L. Ruddy
A classic paper from AISC's Engineering Journal.

Quality Corner: What I Wish I Knew Then
By Brian Raff
What every structural engineer should know about AISC Certification.

SpecWise: Stability and Analysis
By R. Shankar Nair, Ph.D., P.E., S.E.
The 2005 AISC Specification offers new options for rational stability design.

Technology Triumphs
By Dorian L. Adams, P.E.
Buckling restrained braces (BRBs) will help limit non-structural earthquake damage at this Utah medical facility near the Wasatch Fault.