Fitting In
By Brian Caulde, P.E., and Paulette Rudolph, P.E.
The Palazzo overcomes spatial hurdles to become the lastest high-class resort on the Las Vegas strip- not to mention the world's largest LEED-certified building.

Filling in the Gap
By Vincent J. Desimone, P.E., and David T. Size, P.E.
Who every thought a small construction footprint would be an issue in Las Vegas? A new resort squeezes into a prome location on the Strip.

Sensory and Cerebral
By Jesse Pryor, P.E., S.E., and James Warner, P.E.
A quick look at two innovative Las Vegas projects with two very different goals- from a detailer's perspective.

Good Seats
By Farro Tofighi, P.E.
The third phase of the ever-expanding World Furniture Mart sits well with its neighbors thanks to buckling-restrained braced frames.               

Getting Back to Nature.... in Las Vegas
By Benjamin M. Cornelius, P.E.
Vegas provides a high-tech sensory overload, but there's a serene, natural side to the city as well-and no, it's not a tropical-themed casino.

The Show Must Go On
By Craig Schwitter, Michael Rysdrop, and Oliver Osterwind
Art and science work together to put on an elegant, complex show at a new performing arts center in Upstate New York.

From Green to Greener
By Martin Anderson
The structural steel supply chain is efficiently sustainable- and there are ways to make it even more so.

How Much is Your Quality System Costing You?
By Zane R. Keniston
Thinking of your quality management system in medical terms can help ensure a long, healthy life for your organization.

Mining Personal Networks
By Anne Scarlett
Taking an all-hands-on-deck approach during fluctuating economy.

The Impact of Steel Pricing on Building Construction
By John P. Cross, P.E.
There's no doubt that material costs affect overall construction costs. The question is, how?

What's Cool in Steel
Every year, MSC's editorial staff puts together a list of interesting and fun people, buildings, structural elements, and other odds and ends associated (sometimes, very loosely) with steel.

2008 Hot Products
Read about some of the hottest products from this year's NASCC!

Growing a Detailer
By Steven Lang
Detailing isn't a profession you throw someone into. It takes time and guidance to get them to where they need to be.