Artistic Achievement
By Mario Elcid, P.E., and Bob Varga, AIA, LEED AP
The arts campus at Western Michigan University finds the "missing link" with a dynamic new building that complements and enhances its neighbors.

A New Link to Learning
By Brent Brandy, P.E., LEED AP
An expanded bridge on Georgia State University's campus brings two library buildings together as one.

Moving In
By Nat Oppenheimer, Yegal Shameash, and Ben Rosenberg
Dickinson School of Law, formerly an independent entity, will soon have its own building on the Penn State Campus.

Facilitating Creativity
By Terry Tsang, S.E., and Gary Gidcumb, R.A.
Eye-Catching architecture and innovatice structural design are all but requirements when building a school geared toward the arts.

A Model Museum
By Lisa Minakami, P.E., and Derrick Roorda, P.E., S.E.
Extensive 3D modeling helped to create and navigate the framing for a new art museum in Virginia.

Stability Analysis: It's not as Hard as You Think
By Christopher M. Hewitt, S.E.
The Direct Analysis Method is a good choice for stability design - and with a little guidance, it can be a relatively simple process.

The Quality Diet: Building A Healthy Business
By Timothy J. Folkerts
Implementing a corporate quality system is much like dieting- and there's a lot more to both of these processes than you might think.

A Fair and Balanced Offer
By Tim R. Johnson
Framing a job offer properly can be the difference between landing a top-notch candidate and scaring him away

Supporting Role
By Perry S. Green, PH.D., and Tim Holtermann, P.E.
Erecting steel joists without proper bridging can cause it all to come crashing down.

Remember the Red River Valley
By Larry A. Erickson, P.E.
Part replacement span, part revitalization tool, a new bridge over the Red River of the North connects two Upper Midwest towns in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Notes from an E in an A/E World
By Asma Monin
Being a engineer at an A/E firm involves lots of challenges -but also plenty of opportunities that might not be available at an engineering firm.