Physically Fit
By Mark Tamaro, P.E., Matthew Horne, P.E., and Calvin Austin
A new home for Navy athletics.

Drop it in the Slot
By Michael A. Moore
Perfect placement of a 100-ton truss tops off new arts and athletics facility.

Shopping Around
By Stephen V. Desimone, P.E., LEED AP, James Bonanno, P.E., and Karen Wu
Full-story transfer trusses separate retail from residential in an outer-borough highrise.

Focal Point
By Lawrence D. McDowell, P.E.
A movie theater is the headliner at a new Florida retail complex.

Chrome and Steel
By Dale Williams
The two metals are on full display at the Harley-Davidson Museum.

The Sounds of Silence
By Rob Kinchler, P.E.
Dispelling the myths about steel and sound transmission.

Grow Your Career - Right Now
By Anne Scarlett
The down economy is the perfect time to give yor career a stimulus package.

A Better Tomorrow
By Dennis Arter
Quality auditors don't just assess organizations; they also help them plan for a more prosperous future.

Notes from the West
By Nina Kristeva, p.E., LEED AP
Now is the time to tap into the available resources to make informed—and creative—material decisions on your next project.

Greenwashing the Construction Industry
By Graeme Sharpe, P.E. LEED AP
Talking the green talk without walking the green walk misses the whole (green) point.