Adapting Traditional Plans to Fit a Tight Site
By Charlotte Bouvier, P.E., and Mathew Johnson, P.E.
Numerous detail modifications -like using steel framing instead of wood- enable designers to maintain the spirit of the standard design.

The PowerHouse-BIM to the Future
By Neil Wexler, Ph.D., P.E.
Renovation preserves history and adds style to offer luxurious urban living.

Placing Curves Overhead
By Luis D. Benitez, P.E., S.E., and Michael A. Haas, P.E.
A simplified analysis of horizontally curved girder bridge erection.

Express Steel Construction
By Thomas R. Broad
Thoughtful planning and scheduling were the first critical steps on this manufacturer's fast-track project.

Trimming the Fat
By Nina Kristeva, P.E.
Changing from concrete to steel plate shear walls saved time, reduced weight, and reclaimed usable space.

A New Monument on America's Main Street
By Daniel A. Sesil, P.E., Douglas P. Gonzalez, P.E., and Matthew D. Melrose, P.E.
Transparent construction featured in this "museum of news" reflects the ideals of openness and accessibility.

A Green Building for a Green Company
By Hank Krusec
Committed to practicing what they preach, this manufacturer's new facility is built to achieve LEED certification.

I'll Volunteer to Review the Shop Drawings
By Brian Quinn, P.E., and Lisa Willard, P.E.
Exciting advances in technology are changing the way engineers and structural steel fabricators approach shop drawings.

Spreading the Certification Word
By Todd Alwood
The new year will be about reinforcing-and raising-the value of AISC certification

The Whole Enchilada
By Geoff Weisenberger
Assessing a material's environmental footprint means looking at its entire lifespan.

New Tools for Your Tool Kit
By Rick del Monte, AIA
Going beyond accepted practices helps businesses survive in a tough and changing world.

Feeling Stuck? Try This
By Chris Guillebeau
Getting started is the key; once you do, it's surprising what you can accomplish.