Sky Hooks
By Clinton O. Rex, P.E., Ph. D.
Providing plans for both design and erection, engineers used support from adjacent new construction to enable large truss erection above a historic structure.

Panelized Units Speed Construction
By Bill Lindley, P.E., Martin R. Williams, and C. Eric Jacobson

Prefabricating units on the ground, then erecting them, improves both schedule and safety.

98 Tips for Designing Structural Steel
By James M. Fisher, P.E., Ph.D., and Michael A. West, P.E., AIA
Designers always should remember that Design = Analysis + Member Design + Connections

Add a Tool, Expand the Franchise
By Michael K. Mitchell
A steel detailing firm's commitment to develop BIM skills turned out to be a good investment in its future.

Emergency Renovation
By Jeremy Hedden, P.E., Mario Quagliata, P.E., and Tom Wandzilak
When an intense fire destroyed the 9 Mile Road bridge, designers took the opportunity to also accommodate future plans.

Artistic Flyover
By Oscar Oliden, P.E., and Gary Gardner
Steel and Native American inspiration combine to produce a pedestrian bridge for keeping Phoenix students safe.

Lift, Slide, Attach, Repeat
By Jim Talbot
Novel erection scheme widens Huey P. Long cantilevered steel truss bridge.

The 2010 AISC Specification: Changes in Design of Connections
By Larry Kloiber, P.E., and Larry Muir, P.E.
A revised slip resistance formula for bolted connections is among the changes that will appear in Chapter J.

What's in a Logo?
By Todd Alwood, LEED AP
Here is why using the new certification logos is a win-win proposition.

Beware of Strings Attached to Stimulus Projects
By Steven M. Henderson and Ronald Stay
These federal funding packages require significant reporting.

Our Own Little Antiques Roadshow
By Charles J. Carter, S.E., P.E., Ph.D.
The discovery and appreciation of steel salvaged from the first skyscraper.