A New Bridge Over the Po River
By Mario Ubiali
An 18-month replacement project showcases bridge construction innovation in Europe.

A Tower in the Treetops
The observation tower on Austria's River Mur features the interplay of form, motion and structure.

U2's Transformable Steel Screen
By Craig Schwitter, P.E. and Cristobal Correa
Dynamic steel framing enabled the rock group U2 to make a dazzling video display part of its concert tour.

The Inherent Blast-Resistance of Steel Framing
By Charles J. Carter, S.E., P.E., PH.D.
Seismic details can help, but aren't necessary for resilience in steel buildings.

Expanding the Indiana Convention Center
By David Mauser, P.E. and Scott Rouse, P.E.
An architectural design reminiscent of a welcoming gesture now graces downtown Indianapolis.

Assurance of Quality
By Charles J. Carter, S.E., P.E., PH.D.
Choosing steel for a health center in Haiti assures designers they will get what they specify.

Plan a Field Trip on SteelDay
Already more than 60 free events are scheduled around the nation for SteelDay 2011, once again offering great opportunities to learn, interact, build.

Material Substitutions
By Martin Anderson, LEED AP
Just because something is not on the list of approved materials does not mean it is prohibited, which is where the engineer's evaluation and judgement come into play.

Five Signs
By Michael L. Paquin
You have a QMS and you have policies, but does your staff know that?

The Personal Structural System
By Thomas E. Forsberg, P.E.
One engineer's perspective on how a technical background made the choice between repair and replacement a little easier.

Living All Ahead Full
Relishing full engagement in everything he undertakes, Pat Loftus has never had a boring day, and he doesn't expect to.

2011 MSC Hot Products
This year exhibitors at NASCC: The Steel Conference were invited to submit formal entries in a new Hot Technology Products category. Six products were selected as standouts by MSC staff and representatives of the AISC Technology Integration Committee, and many more hold great promise for the future.