Jacks of All Trades
By Carlos de Oliveira, P.Eng., Michael Gray, Ph.D., and Tim Verhey, P.Eng.
A former factory in an historic industrial area becomes a new office tower in a revitalized entertainment district, thanks to a unique structural support system inspired by children’s jacks.

Philadelphia Falls
By Jim Talbot
A Victorian-era landmark over the Schuylkill River, the Falls Bridge plays a prominent role in its Philadelphia neighborhood nearly 120 years after its opening.

By Chris Moor and Matthew Gomez, S.E., P.E.
It’s time for the way we buy steel to catch up with the way we buy everything else.

Embrace Your Braces!
By Terri Meyer Boake
Exposing seismic bracing not only provides new architectural possibilities, but also makes structural framing inspection easier in the event of an earthquake.

Increasing Spans and Possibilities
By Dusten Olds, P.E., Philip Rossbach, P.E., Ahmad Abu-Hawash, P.E., Lance Peterman, S.E., P.E., and Brandon Chavel, P.E., Ph.D.
Two bridge projects show what’s possible with a long-span I-girder scheme.
Short-Span Solution
By Riccardo Zanon, Jacques Berthellemy, Günter Seidl and Wojciech Lorenc
A European composite solution provides a viable and economical alternative to concrete girders for short-span bridges.

Quality and the Bridge Engineer
By Shane R. Beabes, P.E.
Handle the increasing complexity in bridge analysis and design with a robust quality management system.

Revisiting W1 Indications
By Duane Miller, P.E.
Looking back can reveal how different our final conclusions are from our initial thoughts.

AISC 341 Then and Now
By James O. Malley, S.E., P.E.
Steel seismic design and AISC’s Seismic Provisions have come a long, long way in 20 years.

Prequalified Moment Connections
By Ronald O. Hamburger, S.E.
A look at prequalifed connections for special and intermediate moment resisting frames for seismic applications.

NASCC 2014 Exhibitor Listing

Showing Camber
By Ronnie Medlock, P.E., and Steve Walsh
What’s the best way to show camber in a bridge design?

Taking Stock
By Carly Hurd and John Cross, P.E.
Just how well is your business doing? Here’s how to find out.

Structurally Sound
Sunny Side Up