Leaping Bridges
By Burleigh Law, P.E.
The Parklands of Floyds Fork bridges provide multi-modal connections and serve as eye-catching elements for visitors.

Making Headway
By Robert Brendel and Anousone Arounpradith, P.E.
With no option to raise the roadway, two Interstate replacement bridges find a way to span an expanded railroad thoroughfare and provide enough headroom for trains to pass underneath.

On the Job (Site)
By Geoff Weisenberger
A firsthand look at modern steel construction.

At the Heart of Science
By Jason B. Myers, S.E., P.E., Lea M. Cosenza and Larry Barr, AIA
The newly renovated headquarters of “the Temple of Science in America” reinvigorates the exploration of the various branches of science.

Diamond in the Rough
By Ken Clausen, P.E., and Dan Gorley, P.E.
A diverging diamond interchange in southeast Idaho is the first of its kind for the state and facilitates increased integration between two growing communities.     

Stretching Toward a Safer Workplace
By Kristen Chipman
Stretching is the first line of defense against workplace injuries—and it feels great.

Staying in Sequence
By Shane R. Beabes, P.E.,  William F. Alko, P.E., and Raghu Krishnaswamy, P.E.
Adequately addressing staging during the design process is critical to successful fit-up of a bridge’s steel and deck. But what to do when the sequence of construction changes during construction?

Over the River and through the Woods
By Samir Sidhom, P.E.
Two bridges are at the center of an effort to improve a scenic route through Six Rivers National Forest.

Are You Sure that’s Fracture Critical?
By Robert J. Connor, Ph.D., Karl Frank, P.E., Ph.D., Bill McEleney and John Yadlosky, P.E.
Understanding which steel bridge elements are fracture critical members will provide the required protection while saving on in-service inspection.

Happy New Year!
By John Cross, P.E.
(I hope!)