Sharp Focus
By Brian Sayre, P.E., and K. Mark Merryman, P.E.
AESS serves as the focal point of a small eye-care office in Austin.

Focusing Energy
By Pat Fortney, S.E., P.E., P.Eng., Ph.D., Adam Friedman, S.E., P.E., and Craig Peterson
A cantilevering cube serves as the focal and entrance point to ExxonMobil’s new campus in Houston.

Beacon on the Bay
By Nathan Merrill, P.E.
Passengers ferrying to the islands of Maine’s Casco Bay start their journey in a terminal that has expanded in both size and prominence.

Precision Preservation
By Nicholas C. Mannix, P.E.
A wedge of a building in New Orleans receives a much-needed do-over in the form of a makeover and expansion.

Tower of Technology
By Steve Wylie
A new steel assembly at NC State provides higher learning opportunities for building teams working with AESS requirements.

Keepers of Steel
By Geoff Weisenberger
While you may not realize the benefits of service centers, if you’ve worked on a structural steel project, you’ve almost certainly reaped them.

Solid Bond
By William Houston and Ian Houston
How to properly specify weld studs for use with the drawn arc stud welding process in structural applications.

Call Me, Maybe?
By Russell Trahan
The importance of traditional follow-up in a nontraditional business world.