Collaboration Computes
By Robert K. Otani, P.E., and John Barry, P.E.
Named for computing’s best-known couple, Cornell’s new computer science facility brings together several departments into one centralized location.

Park View
By Reza Farimani, P.E., Michael J. Squarzini, P.E., and Stephanie Waterman
The desire to optimize views of the New York Public Library’s back yard drove the structural system for a new Manhattan high-rise.

The Elevated Cube
By Mark Sarkisian, S.E., P.E., Eric Long, S.E., P.E., Andrew Krebs, S.E., P.E., and Alessandro Beghini, S.E., P.E.
An 11-story cube of shimmering glass will soon float over the streets of downtown Los Angeles—and it isn’t a Hollywood special effect. 

Top Heavy
By Marco Shmerykowsky, P.E., and Andrew Steinkuehler
A simple skylight retrofit in a Manhattan high-rise becomes a complete roof overhaul.

Campus Connector
By Michael C. Gryniuk, P.E.
Boston College’s newest residence hall brings the school’s two campuses together in a modern, geometric space.

UL Design Considerations
By Charles J. Carter, S.E., P.E., Ph.D., Farid Alfawakhiri, P.Eng., Ph.D., and Larry S. Muir, P.E.
Using UL Designs for fire protection with today’s structural steel design codes.

Still Standing
By Johnn P. Judd, P.E., Ph.D., and Finley A. Charney, P.E., Ph.D.
Exploring new collapse prevention systems for seismic events.

Are You Having Fun at Work?
By Anne Scarlett
Eight tips to boost the fun factor.