Greening Steel Town
By Erleen Hatfield, S.E., Mohammed Haque, P.E., and Stephen Perkins, P.E.
The Tower at PNC Plaza is a bold green statement in a historically industrial town.

Ductility in Moderation
By Eric M. Hines, P.E., Ph.D., and Larry A. Fahnestock, P.E., Ph.D.
Design considerations for low- and moderate-seismic regions.

Tempering Tremors
By Mark Sarkisian, S.E., P.E., Peter Lee, S.E., P.E., Lindsay Hu, P.E., and Alvin Tsui, S.E., P.E.
San Bernardino’s new courthouse features a comprehensive seismic design that minimizes life-cycle costs.

The Backbone of the Lakefront Trail
By Johann F. Aakre, S.E., P.E., and Janet Attarian
A new elevated pathway provides safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists near one of the Windy City’s premier tourist destinations.

Extreme Makeover
By Ron Klemencic, S.E., P.E.
Nu Skin Enterprises’ Utah campus gets a fresh new look.

Sound Judgment
By Benjamin Markham
A brief summary of AISC’s new Design Guide 30: Sound Isolation and Noise Control in Steel Buildings.

Specialized Seismic Solution
By Steven E. Pryor, S.E., P.E.
A new prequalified connection for seismic moment frames features an energy-dissipating fuse.

Proper Application of Steel Beam Load Restriction Factors to UL Designs
By Charles J. Carter, S.E., P.E., Ph.D., Farid Alfawakhiri, P.Eng., Ph.D., Robert M. Berhinig, P.E., and Luke C. Woods
UL, AISC and AISI update the applicability of load restrictions for UL Designs for steel beams.

Communication Smog
By Mark A. Vickers
How much is ineffective communication costing your company?