Merging Arts and Sciences
By Jeffrey Smilow, PE, Yoram Eilon, PE, Susan Erdelyi-Hamos, PE, and Katalin Palyi-Hoppe, PE
Steel overcomes construction and serviceability challenges in a multi-building expansion at Columbia University.

Living History
By Matt Aquino, SE, PE, Jovica Grbić, SE, and Kevin Havens
Soaring hollow steel writes a new chapter in the history of an architecturally significant high school in suburban Chicago, demonstrating a new take on the original Gothic style.

Final Approach
By Adam Knaack, PE, PhD
A historic airport is being transformed into a remarkable new public space with a majestic steel tower as its centerpiece, just in time for Independence Day.

All-In-One Construction
By J. Mark D’Amato, SE, PE, Tom Xia, SE, PE, PhD, and Rose Bechtold
A Seattle multistory residential project incorporates prefabricated elements inside a steel exoskeleton to address the restraints of a tight site in a dense neighborhood.

Creative Coverage
By Roger Pryor
A symbolic, exposed steel canopy defines the look of a Mississippi church expansion.

Taking the Complexity out of Complex Erection
By Thomas P. Getschman, PE
Unique steel structures sometimes require complex steel erection bracing, and successful bracing requires successful strategizing.

Straightforward Specification
By Charles J. Carter, SE, PE, PhD, Farid Alfawakhiri, PEng, PhD, Amit H. Varma, PhD, and Socrates A. Ioannides, SE, PE, PhD
Specifying restrained classifications for fire protection in floor and roof assemblies is a more direct process than you might think.

State of Safety
By Shawn M. Galloway
A culture of safety excellence doesn’t come in a program.

Old Bones 
By Katherine Quigg, PE, and Lawrence F. Kruth, PE
Ten questions to ask yourself when beginning work on your next steel-framed retrofit project.

Constructive Commenting
By Sue Dyer 
Using a partnering scorecard can positively influence a project’s outcome.