Rise Up
By Erleen Hatfield, SE, PE, Mohammed Haque, PE, and Yasmin Rehmanjee, SE, PE
Atlanta’s soon-to-be-open, steel-framed Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home to the city’s NFL and MLS teams, features an operable roof with a twist.

Slide-in Solution
By Thaddeus Kosmicki, PE
How quickly can a 425-ton bridge move 92 ft? Pretty quickly, actually.

To Cloud or Not
By Joshua E. Collins
Managing project documents in a connected world.

 “Bet the Company” Contract Clauses and How to Avoid Them
By Angela Stephens, Joe Hardesty and David Ratterman
Once you have signed a contract with a “bet the company clause,” any dispute you enter becomes a salvage operation—and even the best and most creative construction lawyer may not be able to undo what you have signed.

How do I Encourage Quality as Management?
By Chris Crosby, PE
The quality mindset starts at the top.

Modular Construction Best Practices
By Jacinda Collins
When, where and why you should consider modular construction.

Quality Procedures in Detailing Offices 
By David Merrifield
Maintaining and improving quality is not just a matter of having a quality process in place, but also regularly examining it, updating it and making sure it’s being followed.

2017 NASCC: The Steel Conference Exhibitor Listing

Rigged for the Future 
By Joe Dardis
Steel truss outrigger systems are an efficient structural response to increased urbanization and the resulting bigger (and hopefully better) buildings.

Set Up Your Tech Professionals to Succeed
By Anne Scarlett
Getting your production employees away from their desks and out into the world benefits your employees, your firm and your clients.