Steel This Book
By Edward J. Roberts, PE
Originally conceived in concrete, an iconic new library is quickly and efficiently redesigned in structural steel.

Elevated Efficiency
By Mark Whiteley, SE, PE
Efficiency in material selection, design coordination and floor systems optimizes a new steel tower in suburban Seattle.

Breaking Up Is(n’t) Hard to Do
By Geoff Weisenberger
Multiple makers of structural thermal break products share their thoughts on thermal bridging and how to address it in steel buildings.

Technology Meets Constructability: Part II
By David Ruby, SE, PE
The sixth installment of the “But It Worked in the Model!” series continues to address the balance between technology and constructability, with a focus on load paths.

SteelDay Times Ten
By Geoff Weisenberger
There’s plenty to celebrate within the American structural steel industry and plenty of ways to do it on AISC’s 10th annual SteelDay.

Braced for Better Seismic Design
By Eric Bolin, PE, and Michael Gannon, SE, PE
An introduction to the newest edition of AISC’s Seismic Design Manual.

Set the Course
By Christian B. Crosby, PE, and Jennifer Pellant
How do you, as a manager, drive results? Start by clearing the road for your employees.