Connection Design Webinar Series

AISC is offering a four-part webinar series “Fundamentals of Connection Design” beginning on July 31. The series provides an in-depth look at the essentials of connection design.

The first two sessions in the series will focus on fundamental concepts while the last two will concentrate on shear connections. Examples will be presented to demonstrate the concepts discussed.

Each 1.5-hour webinar will begin at 1:30 p.m. EDT:

Session 1: July 31 - Fundamental Concepts, Part I
This live webinar provides an overview of basic connection types including tension, compression, framing and moment connections. Classification of beam-to-column connections will be discussed, followed by a review of limit states in the load path. Bolt related limit states and detailing will be reviewed with discussions on different types of bolts and bolt connections, bolt installation, bolt shear strength and combined shear plus tension strength. Basic weld related limit states will also be reviewed.

Session 2: August 7 - Fundamental Concepts, Part II
This live webinar will discuss eccentric bolted and welded connections, direct loaded tension connections, block shear, the Whitmore Section and light bracing connections. Beam bearing plate design and column base plate design will be discussed. Design examples will be presented to demonstrate concepts discussed.

Session 3: August 21 - Shear Connections, Part I
This live webinar will provide an overview of various types of shear connections, including the advantages and disadvantages of each. Design considerations for shear connections, a review of limit states for block shear and flexural strength in coped beams, and shear end-plate and double angle connection design will also be discussed. Design examples will be presented to demonstrate the concepts discussed.

Session 4: August 28 - Shear Connections, Part II
This live webinar will cover single plate connection design, including both conventional and extended single plate connections. The differences between the two are contrasted in design examples. The design of single angle connections, stiffened and unstiffened seated connections will also be discussed. The presentation of stiffened seated connections will include discussion on a simplified approach.

This series offers two registration options: a 4-session package (only one continuing education certificate issued) or individual webinars (unlimited number of continuing education certificates issued per connection).

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The series is an encore presentation of sessions 1-4 from AISC’s first Night School course, Fundamentals of Connection Design, and also serves as a precursor to the fall Night School course - Connection Design 2, which will begin September 22. To learn more about Night School, visit