Steel Shots: Signature Spire

The 125-ft-tall spire consists of three trusses attached to a vertical mast. The exterior is covered by a translucent fabric — Sheerfill II-HT membrane — which is made of fiberglass and PTFE and has very low creep, long durability and high tensile strength. (Top photo: Sutter Health/DPR/Birdair/JPW. Bottom photo: Sutter Health/Devenney Group/Christopher Skow Photography) 


Sutter Health, of course, wanted its new Eden Medical Center hospital replacement building in Castro Valley, Calif., to stand out in terms of care and advanced technology — but also as an iconic visual element.

Architect Devenney Group answered with a “spire,” an abstract steel assembly representing a strong man holding a tall flag. The spire’s installation was the last main element of the project to be completed prior to the hospital opening — the cherry on top, or rather on the side of the building, if you will. Stakes and expectations were very high for successful and on-time design and delivery of the spire, and it required extensive and continuous collaboration between the owner, architect, structural engineers, general contractor and the steel team.

For more about the project, see the article “Signature Spire” in our current November issue (available now!). Also see “Special Delivery” in the November 2013 issue for more on the Sutter Health Eden Medical Center building itself.