AISC, RePicture Help Students Learn about STEM Careers  (Part Three)

Renderings courtesy of Gensler + HDR in association with luis vidal + architects

This summer, AISC teamed up with RePicture, a virtual community where students learn about STEM careers and real-world projects while researching structural steel-related engineering, architecture, and construction topics. The program began June 29 and wrapped up August 10, 2020.

Participating students were given the opportunity to show off what they learned for a chance to win awards across a variety of categories. Check out our winners from weeks five and six of the program below. 

Steel Bridge Construction Award

Students must select a bridge constructed using accelerated construction, incremental launch, crane lift, float in, slide in, or SPMT, and complete a write-up on the bridge and construction method.

Winner: QiTong Han (The Cooper Union) – ABC: The Replacement of Nassau Boulevard Bridge in 55 Hours

"The new 285-ton bridge was rolled in place with a Self-Propelled Modular Transporter, one of the techniques for Accelerated Bridge Construction. The new bridge was shipped to the site in sections and assembled in place adjacent to the site."

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Seismic Design Award

Students must select a seismic force-resisting system used in structural steel buildings and complete a project write-up explaining how the force works and the best applications for this system. 

Winner: Claire Ganci (Texas Tech University) - The 181 Fremont Tower

"On the 181 Fremont, the braced frame consists of 'megabracing' that spans from the ground to level 20 and level 20 to level 37, and then buckling-restrained braces that span from level 37 to the roof."

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Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel Award

Students must select a building that uses AESS and complete a write-up on the project. 

Winner: Taiseer Al-Salihi (The University of North Carolina at Charlotte) - AESS Buildings: Pittsburgh International Airport Terminal Modernization Program

"The wavy ribbons of a lightweight, long-span roof are supported on tree-shaped columns, which mimic the surrounding nature of [the Pittsburgh International Airport] at the same time, they are creating a forest-like sunshade within, while the openings between ribbons diffuse natural light into the terminal. The use of structural steel comprises elements to support the design loads is what AESS focuses on, and simultaneously delivers a visually appealing structure."

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AISC Best Interview Award

Students must conduct an interview with a professional in the steel industry and complete a project write-up. 

Winner:  QiTong Han (The Cooper Union) -HSS-to-HSS Moment Connections

"Many research studies, like the ones done by Matthew Fadden, the current Senior Associate at WJE and a PhD student at the time, and his team members, have helped to shape information, requirements, recommendations regarding HSS provided in the Manual."

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Overall Leaderboard Winners

The overall leaderboard winners were awarded based on a combination of total points for AISC-related project submissions and AISC awards won throughout the duration of the program.

  • First Place Overall: QiTong Han (The Cooper Union)
  • Second Place Overall: Salma Shahin (University of Houston)
  • Third Place Overall: Norah Shahin (University of Houston)

The winners from weeks one and two of the program are featured here. And you can check out the winners from weeks three and four here. Thank you to all students who participated in this program!