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The following is a list of all research projects AISC is involved in. Click on the title of each column to sort it and click on any title to learn more about that project.

* denotes a Milek Fellowship Award project

Report Title Primary Investigator(s) Institution Year AISC Report No.
The Analysis and Behavior of Deep Bolted Angle Connections Ralph M. Richard University of Arizona 1984 1057
The Behavior and Analysis of Double Row Bolted Shear Web Connections J.M. Ricles and J.A. Yura University of Texas, Austin 1980 973
The Behavior of Trusses with Eccentric Joints Carl E. Kurt University of Kansas 1990 1406
The Dectectability and Significance of Buried Lamellar Tears in Welded Tee Joints Robert D. Stout Lehigh University 1986 1231
The Effect of Burrs on Shear Capacity of Bolted Connections Farrel J. Zwerneman Oklahoma State University 1991 1392
The Effect of Profile and Root Geometry on the Strength of Fillet Welds Brian P. Quinn Purdue University 1991 1407
The Effect of Repair Welds on Service Performance G. Slater The Welding Institute 1983 1032
The Effect of Shear Tab Connections on Tubular Column Strength Stephen Michael Herlache University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee 1989 1420
Thermo-Mechanical Modeling and Testing of Thermal Breaks in Structural Steel Point Transmittances Scott Hamel University of Alaska-Anchorage 2016 --
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Simulation of the Seismic Behavior of Multitier Concentrically Braced Frames C.D. Stoakes, L.A. Fahnestock University of Iowa, University of Illinois 2014 --
Towards Systems Behavior Factors for Composite Frames: Experimental and Analytical Studies Jerome Hajjar and Roberto Leon University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Georgia Tech 2011 3282
Unification of Flush End-Plate Design Procedures Anant R. Kukreti and Thomas M. Murray University of Oklahoma 1985 1733
Updating Standard Shape Material Properties Database for Design and Reliability F.M. Bartlett and R.J. Dexter University of Western Ontario and University of Minnesota 2001 3062
Weld Design for Rectangular HSS Overlapped K- Connections Jeffrey Packer University of Toronto 2014 --
Welded-Welded Double Framing Angle Connection Moments Marc C. LeBouton and Ralph M. Richard University of Arizona 1987 1295