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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Steel Bridge Erection - Lessons in Launching [B19] 0 Mar 2014 Jerry Phuntner; Matthew Bowser; Matthias Carter NASCC,WSBS
Steel Bridge Erection Made Simple [B11] 0 Mar 2017 Ashley Thrall; Lisa Briggs; Ted Zoli NASCC
Steel Bridge Fabrication - Improving the State of the Art [B9] 0 Mar 2015 Mark Davis; Steve Duke; Karl Frank NASCC,WSBS
Steel Bridge Fabrication [B10] 0 Apr 2012 Karl Frank; Ronnie Medlock; Hormoz Seradj NASCC,WSBS
Steel Bridge Member Resistance - AASHTO Compared to Other International Codes 0 Apr 2019 Steve Rhodes, CEng; Bryan Donoghue, Ceng; Terry Cakebread, CEng WSBS
Steel Bridge Rehabilitation, Retrofit, and Reuse - Part 1 [B8] 0 Apr 2019 Brandon Chavel, PE, PhD ; Jacob Wroten, PE ; Mark Ennis, PE ; Alison Love ; Gregory Kuntz, PE ; Stacy McMillan, PE NASCC,WSBS
Steel Bridge Rehabilitation, Retrofit, and Reuse - Part 2 [B19] 0 Apr 2019 Francesco Russo, PE, PhD ; Caroline Bennett, PhD ; Tyler Thomas NASCC,WSBS
Steel Bridge Rehabilitation, Retrofit, and Reuse - Part 3 [B24] 0 Apr 2019 Gregory Taravella, PE ; James Costigan ; Joshua Pudleiner, PE, STSC ; Barry Colford, PE, CEng, FICE NASCC,WSBS
Steel Cable Assembly Systems: What the Fabricator, Erector and EOR Need to Know [E24a] 0 Mar 2017 Igor Siotor NASCC
Steel Casting - Now Available in North America! [N23A] 0 Apr 2013 Rob Chmielowski; Carlos de Oliveira; Wayne Braun NASCC