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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Tips for Validating the Results of Structural Engineering Software [N37] 0 Apr 2012 Clifford Schwinger NASCC
Tips on Connection Design [D10] 0 May 2010 Joel Hicks; Joseph Huie; Robert Whyte NASCC
Tips on Designing Lifting Beams and Hitches [N46] 0 Apr 2012 William Merrell NASCC
To Camber or Not to Camber [R2] 0 Apr 2012 Ruby University NASCC
To the Cloud or Not"" Project Document Management in 2017 [T4] 0 Mar 2017 Josh Collins NASCC
Tools for Fabricators Participating in Federal Projects [F2] 0 Mar 2015 Whitney Debardeleben Jr.; Angela R. Stephens; John Saul; Blake Hokisson NASCC
Topics in Structural Stability [S1] 0 May 2010 Ronald Ziemian NASCC
Topics in Structural Stability [S10] 0 May 2010 Clarence Miller NASCC
Topics in Structural Stability Research [S2] 0 Mar 2015 Benjamin W. Schafer NASCC
Topics of Fabrication and Inspection of Steel Bridges [B7] 0 Mar 2015 Mark Bowman; Heather Gilmer NASCC,WSBS