• Prescription for Health-Care Design
  • Flexibility Crucial for Health-Care Design
  • Special Design Isolates Vibration
  • Rehab Center Designed for Growth
  • Tight Site Complicates Construction


  • Designing for Cost Efficient Fabrication
  • Value Engineering and Steel Economy
  • What Design Engineers can do to Reduce Fabrication Costs
  • Hard Choices for Software Purchasers


  • Steel Interchange
  • Upgrading Steel Truss Bridges
  • Historic Expansion
  • Updating a Sports Institution
  • Renovation Without Disruption
  • Advances in Welding Technology




  • O'Hare Airport Landmark
  • Value Engineering at O'Hare Airport
  • Part One: Eliminating the Guesswork in Connection Design
  • Part Two: Eliminating the Guesswork in Connection Design
  • Shortspan Bridge Design in the 1990s


  • Steel Interchange
  • Eccentric Braced Framed Head East
  • Combined Systems Enhance Seismic Performance
  • Damping System Aids Seismic Retrofit
  • Sharing California's Seismic Lessons
  • Seismic Design Considerations


  • Steel Interchange
  • Steel Trees
  • Drive-Thru Dry Cleaners
  • Exposed Steel Meets Aesthetic and Cost Requirements
  • Eccentric Braced Frames: Not Just for Seismic Design


  • Steel Interchange
  • Bridge Superstructures: A Comparison of Steel and Segmental Concrete
  • Reducing Bridge Fabrication Costs
  • What Design Engineers can do to Reduce Bridge Fabrication Costs
  • Linking Charleston
  • Decision Criteria for Bridge Selection
  • Innovations in Composite Bridges
  • Bringing Bridge Design into the Next Century: The Roize Bridge


  • Steel Interchange
  • Composite Semi-Rigid Connections
  • Unlocking the Inherent Stiffness of Low-Rise Buildings
  • Innovative Structure for an Award-Winning Airline Paint Facility
  • Beneficial Procrastination
  • New Coating Systems for Bridges


  • Steel Interchange
  • People Mover Flies on Wings of Steel
  • Hilltop Crown
  • Baseball's Past Revisited
  • Structural Consideration at Camden Yards
  • Switch to Steel Saves $1 Million


  • Steel Interchange
  • Steel Meets Tight Deadline
  • Award-Winning Design
  • New Roof Enclosure Extends Plant Life
  • Careful Sequencing Keeps Traffic Moving