12 1/2 Minutes
AISC's Engineering & Research Department

Bridge Crossings No. 05
By Michael A. Grubb, PE
LFD vs. LRFD - What's Up With the Letter 'R' Anyway?

Designing After Northridge
A California engineering firm redesigned a project's connections to ensure adequate seismic performance.

Effect of Notches in the Flange
After a bridge collapse, a finite element analysis was performed to determine the effects of notch cuts in the flange of steel plate girders.

Inviting Design
The exposed steel design of a new community center in Fremont, CA is both beautiful and vandal resistant.

Off The Beam

Practical Cost Saving Ideas for Design Professionals
Consider overall structural performance when specifying fatigue details.

Proprietary Slotted Beam Connection Designs
By Ralph M. Richard, Ph.D., P.E., C. Jay Allen, S.E., and James E. Partridge, P.E.
Seismic Structural Design Associates, Inc. (SSDA) has developed proprietary slotted beam connection that may be used for both new construction and retrofitting existing buildings.

Seismic Retrofit of Steel Bridges
An overview of the strategies used by the New York State DOT for seismic retrofitting of steel highway bridges.