19 Months from Idea to Occupancy
Design/Build cuts project schedule in half for a new 10-story, 130,000 sq. ft. patient tower.

Art Center Embraces Nature
By David Martin, FAIA and Onik Tahtakran, SE
The Performing Arts Center at Flintridge Preparatory School features a graceful, open-air steel trellis.

Keeping an eye on OSHA
By David Roll & Ken Duffie
A straightforward explanation of OSHA standards 1910.132 and 1910.133 regarding personal protective equipment and eye protection in the workplace.

Staggered Truss System Earns an A+
By Matthys P. Levy, P.E.
Baruch College Academic Center shows imaginative application of the staggered-truss framing system.

Steel Ensures Future Flexibility
By Mark Lauterbach, Tom Hippman & Robert Fowler
Structural steel allows for easy modification in this attractive new Houston shopping mall.

Steel Framing with Classic Style
By David R. Wittes, P.E.
The New Hackensack Church proves that structures with roots in the past can still be forward thinking in design and construction techniques.

Swedish Invasion
By Gary Reynolds, PE
SSAB Hard Tech, Inc. had only 24 months to design and build their new, $70 million auto manufacturing plant.

Through-thickness Strength of Column Flanges
By Robert J. Dexter
Column flange through-thickness strength is much higher than the demand that could be generated by a beam flange, making through-thickness failure of column sections highly unlikely.