2002 Hot Products Awards
Learn more about the latest, hottest products in the fabricated structural steel industry!

Carefully Evaluate Code Requirements
By Duane K. Miller, P.E.
Practical Cost-Saving Ideas No. 6, Welding: Codes, specifications, and contract documents provide fabrication requirements that must be maintained when applied to welded construction. However, some provisions are perceived as "requirements" when they are not applicable, or when alternatives are permitted.

Dynamic Results
By Douglas P. Taylor

Galvanizing Plate Girders
By Philip G. Rahrig
The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) offers a few tips to keep in mind when designing plate girders that will be hot-dip galvanized.

It's Steel for Real!
By Brian R. Caudle, P.E.

Parking by Design
By John Cross, P.E.
Parking structures at Germany’s Cologne/Bonn Airport show that careful planning and thoughtful design can result in economical and aesthetically-pleasing solutions.

Parking Spaces
By Alan Pillinger and Stephen Govier

Steel on Stage
By Joe Tebben
The Gerald Ford Amphitheater in Colorado's Vail Valley blends art and function in a unique steel structure.