2003 Hot Products Awards 

2003 I.D.E.A.S. Architecture Awards Introduction and Jury

Desert Garden Ramada
Merit Award - Less than $10M

Design of Fire-Resistive Assemblies with Steel Joists
By Walter Schultz, P.E.
Selecting the proper fire-resistant assembly using steel joists is easier than you think!

Greenwich Playhouse
Merit Award - Less than $10M, Single-Family Residence

Inside the Box
By W. John Powell
Replacing a deteriorated structural system with steel framing gives a 19th-century New York City town house a new lease on life.

Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
National Winner - $100M and greater

Lake Austin Boat Dock
Merit Award - Less than $10M

New 42nd Street Studios
Merit Award - $10M and greater, but less than $25M

Residence for Art
National Winner - Less than $10M, Single-Family Residence

Traffic Control
By Richard A. Hauswald, P.E.
Philadelphia International Airport's new steel-framed ramp control tower makes the most of its tight site.

West Campus-Des Moines Area Community College
National Winner - Less than $10M

Woodstock Branch Library
Merit Award - Less than $10M (125 KB)