Changing Needs
By Zareh B. Gregorian, P.E., and Garen B. Gregorian, P.E.
Elegant, exposed steel moment-resisting frames replace a Cambridge, MA Warehouse's crumbling CMU walls.

Detailing Software Product Highlights

Growing Up
By Trish Martineck
Challenged with growing pains, the Children's Medical Center of Dallas, TX added six floors on top of an existing reinforced concrete building.

It doesn't have to be that way!
By Andy Johnson
Part 2 of this three-part series examines fabricator design-assist prior to bidding in design-bid-build projects. If you're working on a design-bid-build project, get fabricators involved early in the game to assist in the design process--and avoid costly delays and change orders.

Natural Forces
By Arthur Cotton Moore, FAIA
A steel-framed residence on Maryland's Lower Choptank River withstands hurricane-force winds with style.

Next Generation
By Louis F. Geschwindner, P.E., Ph.D., and Cynthia J. Lanz
AISC is currently working on the next generation of steel design standards.

Outside the Box
By Kannan Nagarajan
The rehabilitation of the historic Ford Street Bridge in Rochester, NY utilized modern technology and innovation to swiftly bring the past into the present.

Raising the Roof
By Helmut Cerovsek, P.E. and Chris Rust
A steel roof-raising renovation saved time and money for the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, IN.

Standard Details
By Scott L. Melnick and Beth S. Pollak
Clear communication and written standards for fabricator-detailer relations are essential for on-time project delivery.

Steel Detailer Listing
The following is a listing of structural steel detailing firms with information regarding their staff, organizational affiliations, and special skills.

Steps to Success
By Jim Long
A detailer describes his firm's positive experience with NISD's Individual Detailer Certification exam.

Updated, not Outdated!
By Robert B. Simmons, AIA, Steve Wittwer, S.E. and Beth S. Pollak
Steel preserves the elegance and structural integrity of the University of Chicago's 100-year-old Bartlett Hall during its renovation.