2003 Engineering Awards of Excellence Introduction and Jury

Building Better
By Joele Fowler, P.E., S.E.
EDI speeds up the steel design and construction for the Baptist West Hospital in Knoxville, TN.

Creating a Cut-Free Workplace
By Phil Schaser
Well-fitted and comfortable gloves can reduce on-the-job hand injuries

Dallas Convention Center 2003 Expansion
Merit Award - $100M or greater

DFW Consolidated Rent-a-Car Facility
Merit Award - $100M or greater

Erie on the Park
Merit Award - $25M or greater, but less than $100M

Erie Wester Pennsylvania Port Authority Cruise Boat Visitors' Terminal
Merit Award - Less than $10M

Listing of Certified Erectors
MSC's annual list of AISC Quality-Certified steel erectors

Mon-Fayette Toll Plaza and Pedestrian Bridge
National Winner - Less than $10M

New Haven Athletic Center
Merit Award - $10M or greater, but less than $25M

Practical Partnerships
By Beth S. Pollak
Fabricators can increase profits by teaming up with each other and diversifying their products.

Project Management Online
By Richard Sampson
Online construction management services can dramatically speed up construction administration processes.

Project Management Software Product Highlights

Rapid Recovery
Developing personalized injury management systems with occupational health care providers can mean quicker recovery-times from injuries and fewer days off the job.

Safety Product Highlights

Seuss Landing
Merit Award - $25M or greater, but less than $100M

Stonebriar Centre
National Winner - $25M or greater, but less than $100M

Torre Mayor
National Winner - $100M or greater

Why Tie?
By Chip Pocock
Proper fall protection isn't an option, it's a necessity!