All Shook Up
By Hillary A. Lichtenstein
What if merely tapping your foot was enough to make your entire office floor vibrate? It happened in a 30-year-old office building in Voorhees, NJ.

La Macarena
By Mauricio Gutiérrez Villa
This South American bullfighting arena was renovated to include a partially retractable structural steel roof system.

Simply Serene
By Seth Wolfe, P.E., and Matthys Levy, P.E.
Structural steel creates a clean-lined folded plate roof for an idyllic residence in beautiful Aspen, CO.

Star Attraction
By Chris Chaseling
In Sydney, Australia, the new Latitude at World Square building steals the show.  For the orignal paper from the 2004 North American Steel Construction Conference/Pacific Structural Steel Conference, AISC ePubs subscribers can click here.

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SteelWise: Anchor Rods
By Dan Swiatek and Emily Whitbeck
with contributions from Many common anchor rod problems are easier to avoid than you think!