Challenging Vibration in Engineered Structures
By Brian Breukelman, P.Eng.
Cutting-edge structures require innovative solutions to manage structural vibrations for safety and serviceability.

Design Considerations in Cable-Stayed Roof Structures
By Lawrence A. Kloiber, P.E., David E. Eckmann, AIA, S.E., P.E., Thomas R. Meyer, S.E., and Stephanie J. Hautzinger, AIA, S.E.
An overview of cable-supported structural technology, and the engineering behind the University of Chicago's new athletic facility.

Design of Buckling-Restrained Braced Frames
By Rafael Sabelli, S.E. and Walterio López, S.E.
Buckling-restrained braced frames offer designers a more ductile alternative to concentrically braced frames.

Design of Steel Structures for Blast-Related Progressive Collapse Resistance
By Ronald Hamburger, S.E. and Andrew Whittaker, S.E
Research is needed to develop new connection technologies to make blast-resistant designs more efficient.

Fire Engineering Application to Multi-Story Steel Structures
By G. Charles Clifton and Martin J. Feeney
Guidelines and suggestions for keeping structures and their occupants safe during a fire event.

Learning from Structures Subjected to Loads Extremely Beyond Design
By Jon Magnusson, P. E. , Hon. AIA

NASCC 2004 Exhibitor Listing

Progressive Collapse Basics
By R. Shankar Nair, Ph.D., P.E., S.E.