Fire Protective Coatings: An Overview
By Beth S. Pollak
Structural steel often needs to be fire protected for use in residential and office buildings, schools, airports, and other structures. Here's a closer look at some of the different coatings available and how they perform.

Galvanizing, Coatings, and Fire Protection Products

Home Team Advantage
By Michael Gustafson, P.E.
Exposed structural steel was a key player in the design of this one-of-a-kind collegiate soccer stadium for Creighton University in Omaha, NE.

Quality Corner: Writing Your Own Quality Manual
By Roberta L. Marstellar, P.E.
Considering hiring a consultant to help write your quality manual? Think again.

Renovation Innovation
By Joe Jun and Andy Johnson
In a creative renovation and re-use project, several vintage steel-framed industrial structures in West Allis, WI became unique and inviting office space, saving money and natural resources.

SpecWise: Steel Design Simplifed
By Charles J. Carter, P.E., S.E.
The 2005 AISC Specification for Structural Steel Buildings brings the best of ASD and LRFD together in a single, unified document.

Steel Galvanizer Listing
Modern Steel Construction's annual listing of structural steel galvanizers.

Steel Update: State of the Art
By Lena Singer
It's never been easier to design with structural steel. Here's what steel industry experts want you to know about the "state of the art" in steel today.

Steel Update: Steel Market Trends
By John Cross, P.E.
Design and construction professionals can learn to manage market volatility for all construction materials to the benefit of their construction projects.

Steel Update: Technical Topics
One of the most effective ways to address the cost of a steel structure is to consider the relative costs of design decisions early in the process.

Style on Schedule
By Gene Martin, P.E. and Lena Singer
Recessed into a hillside, this three-level steel parking structure in Farmington, PA was erected quickly to meet rigid scheduling requirements.