Structural Steel
By Bradford McKee
We take steel beams for granted as the bones of new buildings, but how are they made?

Braced for the Big One
By Terrence F. Paret
Buckling-restrained braces improve the seismic reliability of this downtown San Francisco office building.

Designing for Long Spans
By Jay Ruby, P.E.
Long-span designs present structural challenges that go beyond spanning longer distances.

Let There Be Light
By Ian Collins, Ph.D.
An expansive, innovative skylight in Chicago sets a U.S. structural and architectural precedent.

Quality Corner: Getting to the Root of the Matter
By Pat Thomashefsky
Using a more in-depth problem-solving method can be effective in unearthing the true cause of a quality-related issue.

SteelWise: Solid Answers
By compiled by Jason Ericksen, S.E.
The engineering FAQs section of AISC's web site may just have the answers you've been looking for.

Structuring Science
By Craig W. Bursch, P.E., and Dan Murphy, P.E.
A university in northern Minnesota turns to long-span trusses to support its state-of-theart science building.

2007 Hot Products
Read about some of the hottest products from this year's NASCC!

What's Cool in Steel
Every year, MSC's editorial staff puts together a list of interesting and fun people, buildings, structural elements, and other odds and ends associated with steel.

Concrete Plank Producers