Going Long
By R. John Aniol, P.E., S.E., Joseph Dowd, P.E., and David Platten, P.E.
The Dallas Cowboys' new stadium will boast the longest single-span roof structure in the world.

Soccer in the Rockies
By Steve Whitesell
An elegant, sloping canopy soars above Salt Lake City's new soccer stadium, while buckling-restrained braces protect it from seismic forces from below.

Outside Looking In
By Manuel Hernandez, Associate AIA
Steel rooftop bleachers give Cubs fans a sturdy perch for watching the game from across the street.

Taking Flight
By Tim Richey, AIA
An aviation museum's new pedestrian bridge pays homage to flight via a complex yet elegant design.                        

The Arch Reinvented
By Susan Matzat, P.E.
As Ithaca, N.Y. has grown over the years, one its most significant spans needed to keep up.

Early Adopter
By John W. Litzinger, P.E.
A new steel bicycle and pedestrian bridge in Cupertino is the first cabled-stayed bridge crossing the interstate highway in California.

Expanding History
By Michael W. Carroll, P.E.
A replacement span overthe Missouri River provides much-needed extra room, scenic overlooks, and historic reverence.    

A Skewed Perspective
By Fred Beckmann, Robert Cisneros, P.E., Ronald Medlock, P.E., and Don White
Starting with girders out-of-plump is the way to go for skewed bridge construction.

Updating the Seismic Provisions
By James O. Malley, S.E.
The AISC Seismic Provisions are the result of the input from several experts-including you.

A long Fall
By John Cross, P.E.
The question, in terms if the economy and specifically the construction market, is how long?

Under Foot
By Susan Burmeister, P.E., and William P. Jacobs, P.E.
Horizontal floor diaphragm load effects on the composite beam design.

Correcting Your Corrective Actions
By Dan Kaufman and Sheila Alegria
Knowing what a corrective action is and when to employ one can help you tighten up your quality management system and use it to its full potential.

Stop Giving Cold Calls the Cold Shoulder
By Anne Scarlett
Strengthen your abilities to make initial calls to prospects.

Are Young Engineers Unprepared? A Young Engineer Answers
By Eytan Solomon, P.E., LEED AP
A critical look at the concerns of our elders