A Site on a Sliver of Hillside
By Anthony Giammona, P.E., Michael Gemmill, S.E. and Nabih Youssef, S.E.
How the design of an impressive research building on a challenging site came to be.

Preparing for Seismic Uplift
By Steve Carroll, Steve Marusich, S.E., and Mason Walters, S.E.
Engineers get creative to ensure structural stability of cantilevered, serpentine building.

Building a Turtle
By Cevyn Meyer, P.E.
The symbol of cultural pride presented an engineering challenge, for which steel was the answer.

Sparkling Asymmetry
By Doug Caplan
A larger-than-life diamond relies on carefully detailed structural steel.

Steel Framing & Building Envelopes
By James A. D'Aloisio, P.E., SECB, LEED AP
Attending to thermal bridging can make a big improvement in the building envelope.

Small Steel, Big City
By Marco Shmerykowksy
Creative dunnage placement in one rooftop's "demilitarized zone" keeps everyone cool.

Reflections on Steel in Healthcare
By Robert Beall, P.E., Socrates Ioannides, Ph.D., S.E., P.E., Lawrence F. Kruth, P.E., Martin J. Sterr, S.E., AIA

Prequalified Seismic Moment Connections (Revisited)
By Charles J. Carter, S.E., P.E., Ph.D., and Keith Grubb, S.E., P.E.
Three connections have been added and limitations lifted on the use of two others.

100% Inspection Is Not QA
By Dan Kaufman
The best assurance of quality is through adherence to a well-designed program.

By Geoff Weisenberger
Regardless of your feelings on global warming, green buildings make good business sense.

Do You Have 20/10 Vision for 2010?
By Ross Allbritton
One important step in planning ahead is to ask yourself some strategic questions.

Brücken Culture-Gap
By Dan McNichol
When maintenance is deferred, infrastructure suffers and service deteriorates.