Rave Reviews
By Bartley J. Miller, P.E.
Large trusses provide a wide-open venue for sports and entertainment alongside the Ohio River.

A Hospital Reborn
By Michael G. Brennan, P.E.
An upgraded and expanded facility brings new life to a century-old medical campus.

Quick Deck Attachment
By William Gould, P.E.
Assembling steel deck diaphragms with powder-actuated fasteners offers speed and performance.

Piercing Thicker Plate with Plasma
By Steve Liebold and Doug Shuda
New technology combines with old technique to yield piercing perfection.

Quality Time
By Charles J. Carter, S.E., P.E., Ph.D., Keith G. Landwehr, Kurt D. Gustafson, S.E., P.E., and Thomas J. Schlafly
It often has been lampooned that quality is a topic about which everybody wants to talk, but nobody wants to do anything. No more!

Quick Change from Truss to Girder
By Manjula Louis, P.E.
Extra effort and teamwork replaced the aging Desoto Bridge in surprisingly short order.

Steel Solution Speeds Bridge Repair
By Chuck Merydith
Fast track replacement of deteriorated span quickly gets vehicles back on the road.

Steel Interchange Solution Saves Millions
By Chuck Merydith
Replacing ramps with flyovers quickly alleviates highway congestion.

Attaching Metal Decking
By Thomas Sputo, P.E., S.E., Ph.D., Darcy Yantz, and Erin Criste
You don't have to reinvent the wheel to attach steel decking to the supporting structure.

Are You in the Know About the New?
By Todd Alwood, LEED AP
AISC introduces new certification logos and welcomes newly certified facilities into the program.

Natural Progression?
By Geoff Weisenberger
As they evolve from prescription to analysis, green goals also are becoming the law of the land.

AEC Team-Building in Tough Times
By Anne Scarlett
Three ingredients to make it happen.

Google and the End of Wisdom
By Bob Batchelor
Remembering that search engines provide data, not answers, may be the beginning.