An Inside Job
By Lawrence F. Kruth, P.E., and Jeffrey E. Gasparott, P.E.
Converting a nearly abandoned vintage power station into prime office space relied on a detailed erection plan and flawless execution.

Not Your Typical Steel Joist Roof
By Markus Kutarba, P.E., LEED AP
Using long-span open-web steel joists helps minimize column requirements and maximize clear space.

A Staggered-Column Double-Span Beam Framing System
By G.M. Brittingham, P.E.
Using continuous beam framing to reduce deflection and weight.

The Changing Face of the Joist Market
By Tom Klemens, P.E.
With more than ample production capacity from coast to coast, joist makers look forward to a resurgence of construction activity.

Highway Braid Made From Steel
By Jim Werst, P.E.
When space is tight, the adaptability of steel enables the design to minimize the inconvenience of construction.

New Spans Over Two Oregon Rivers
By Peter Pagter, S.E., P.E., and Xiqin Long, P.E.
Using steel offered economic and scheduling advantages, as well as the opportunity to reuse salvaged materials.

Rapid, Economical Bridge Replacement
By Geetha Chandar, P.E., Michael D. Hyzak, P.E., and Lloyd M. Wolf, P.E.
Shallow trapezoidal steel box girders provide a highly constructible, light and efficient structure.

Structural Steel Specifications - Editing and Coordination
By Renee Doktorczyk, AIA
Insights on how to achieve clear and complete communication in construction specifications.

Internal Auditing From an Inside Point of View
By Michael L. Paquin
Determining why corrective action is needed can keep your quality management system on track.

The Mental Price of Multitasking
By Adam Gorlick
Juggling more than one source of input doesn't have an up side.