Healing Light
By Adam Boswell, P.E., Shane McCormick, S.E., P.E.,  and Larry Kemp, P.E.
A small but significant structure provides an inspiring focal point for a large healthcare complex.

Bringing Back the Big Four Bridge
By Burleigh Law, P.E.
An unused railroad truss bridge is reinvented as a new pedestrian gateway over the Ohio River.

Growing the Garden
By Cawsie Jijina, P.E., and Stephen Reichwein, P.E.
New York City’s world-famous entertainment and sports venue gets an extreme interior makeover that gives fans a whole new perspective on the action.

Threading the Needle
By Matthew McCarty, S.E., P.E., Scott Kirwin, P.E., and Wayne Chang, S.E., P.E.
A new rail station and pedestrian bridge navigate existing electrical lines above a stop along America’s busiest passenger rail corridor.

A Clear(ance) Solution
By Adam Price, P.E.
A unique bent solution guides a successful bridge project over a challenging Tennessee railroad crossing.

Getting a Handle on Traffic
By Bob Goodrich, P.E., and Jason Kelly, P.E.
The aptly named Jughandle project in suburban Portland eases traffic flow through one of Oregon’s biggest bottlenecks.

Faster Than a Speeding Locomotive
By Dirk Kestner, P.E., Mark Waggoner, S.E., P.E., P.eng., and Robert Navarro, P.E.
A new ballpark adjacent to a railroad track comes together quickly to revive El Paso’s baseball scene.

Remain Calm (and Relevant)
By Anne Scarlett
How to remain relevant in an ever-changing business world.