Tower of Strength
By Amber Shoals, PE, Mark Tamaro, PE, Peter Drake, PE, and Kevin MacLeod, SE, PE
A new addition to the Virginia Military Institute campus provides state-of the-art physical readiness training for cadets year-round.

Inspired by Collaboration
By Sarah Jorczak, PE, and Todd Kraft 
Close collaboration between structural engineers and architects results in an expressive structural steel-enhanced ethereal experience for a new church in suburban Kansas City.

A Bridge in a Garden
By Tom Pinder
A small yet crucial bridge in a Hawaiian state park is installed quickly and with minimal impact to the surrounding rainforest.

Coastal Construction
By Joshua Brown and Eric Sullins
Modular steel construction enables an efficient energy export endeavor on the Gulf Coast.

Beyond Limits
By David Ruby, SE, PE
The fourth installment of the “But It Worked in the Model!” series takes a look at a project that illustrates the limitations of computer-aided design and analysis.

Clearance is Critical
By Bo Dowswell, PE, PhD, and Curtis Smith
When it comes to a good weld, strength isn’t everything.

Hand in Glove
By Sally J. Smart
Hands are clearly important to steel fabrication and construction work—and are also one of the most likely body parts to become injured. Their safety should be a top priority.

A Shear Connection Extends its Reach 
By Larry S. Muir, PE
The extended configuration of single-plate shear connections: questions and answers.

Five-Star Experience? 
By Anne Scarlett
Wisdom from online rating platforms: how architects, engineers and construction firms can best generate and manage feedback.