Minimizing Hazards, by Design
By Wayne J. Creasap II
Safety can and should be just as important in the design process as it is during manufacturing and construction.

Barging In
By Aine M. Brazil, PE
Located in a scenic but difficult-to-access site on the East River in Manhattan, Rockefeller University’s new lab facility incorporated modular construction delivered by barges to come together piece by massive piece.

Hanging Out in Salt Lake City
By Patrick M. Hassett, SE, and Jorien Baza, PE
An elaborate erection and jacking scheme involving an innovative roof-top truss helps pull together the Utah capital’s newest Class A high-rise.

Leveling Up
By Paul Taylor, PE, and Melissa Jurgens
Strong, open steel design drove a university football facility project built to raise the profile of an already successful program.

Fast Finish
By Thomas R. Laliberte, PE, Jodi Greene, and Andrew Cardinali, PE
The Connecticut DOT makes quick work of its first-ever design-build project.

High Volume, Low Impact
By Jason Klophaus, Michael Goodman and Corin Piacenti
A Utah bridge team turns to structural steel solutions to expand an Interstate crossing to accommodate high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

A New Take on Plate Girders
By Tom Stockhausen
A new accelerated bridge construction solution makes its debut in a statewide bridge replacement project in Pennsylvania.

Topped Out, Part Two
By Donald Garvey
Proper use and maintenance of hard hats on the job site.

Comprehensive Coverage 
By Charles J. Carter, SE, PE, PhD, and Farid Alfawakhiri, PEng, PhD
The new UL D982 now covers all common steel-framed floor configurations.

What’s Really Happening with the Construction Economy? 
By John Cross, PE
What to expect in 2017 and how to prepare for it.