Making a Signature Connection
By Natalie McCombs, SE, PE, and Sarah Larson, PE
An attractive steel arch and sophisticated engineering define Little Rock’s new Broadway Bridge.

Ice Time
By John M. Savage, SE, PE
Small structural adjustments add up to big gains for a university ice hockey arena.

Studying Steel
By Mark Aden, SE, PE, and Shirley Chalupa, SE, PE
A floating corner and exposed braces make a spectacle out of the steel framing for Gonzaga University’s new student center.

A Healthy Connection
By Thomas Taylor, PE, and Dave Thomas, SE, PE
A new pedestrian bridge curves over a busy roadway to stitch together Dallas’ Southwestern Medical District.

Above and Beyond
By Geoff Weisenberger
One of Chicago’s newest and most dynamic high-rises went big with steel to make the most of a constrained but high-profile site.

Technology, Meet Constructability
By Dave Ruby, SE, PE
The second installment of the “But It Worked in the Model!” series serves as a cautionary tale about the overdependence on technology and the underestimation of constructability considerations.

Holey Steel!
By David W. Dinehart, PhD, Sameer S. Fares, SE, PE, PEng,  and John Coulson, PE
A brief look at AISC’s new Design Guide 31, which covers castellated and cellular beam design.

One-Stop Shop 
By Abbas Aminmansour, PhD
It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s… Super Table!

The Future of Safety Excellence
By Terry L. Mathis 
A truly excellent safety plan must not be merely reactionary but also anticipatory.