Continuing Education

Live Webinars

AISC Live Webinars offer the opportunity to learn about a great variety of steel construction topics from industry experts without leaving the office. Registrants will be able to submit questions to the presenter during the online presentation.

Upcoming Webinars

6/23/2022:  Hybrid Steel-Framed Structures with Mass Timber Floors, presented by Michelle Roelofs and John Hand.  Registration will be open soon!

Live Webinar FAQs

Q: How can multiple people from my office register and receive PDH certificates?

A: Only one person from each office location needs to register for the Live Webinar.  An unlimited number of people may watch the webinar from that office location and receive a PDH certificate.  Additional connections such as other office locations or computers will require additional registrations.  The registrant will report attendance to AISC for everyone at the connection after the Live Webinar.  Additional registration options may be available for multi-part webinar series.      

Q: When will registration for the Live Webinar close?

A: Registration will close at 11:30 a.m. Eastern on the day of the webinar.

Q: What are my payment options?

A: AISC only accepts credit card payments for Live Webinars. Special arrangements can be made for certain circumstances. 

Q: When will I receive the e-mail with the link to attend?

A: The connection is sent to you immediately after registration. You can find the unique meeting URL on your Registration Confirmation which is sent from You will also be sent a “connection e-mail” that includes the same link.  Further, AISC will send you a reminder “connection e-mail” with the link, the day before the webinar. The “connection e-mails” are sent from AISC Continuing Education (

Q: Will I receive handouts?

A: Yes, a PDF of the slides will be available for download prior to the webinar. Access is provided through a link on your e-mailed Registration Confirmation as well as in the “connection e-mails.” 

Q: What capabilities does my computer need to have to participate?

A: Flash and Java are required to view the Live Webinars. To test your computer, go to Click on "Join Meeting" then click on the link "Test Your Computer." Follow the instructions..

Q. How do I get audio?

You can listen over phone or by streaming the audio over the internet.  We recommend listening over the phone audio if your set-up will allow.  The phone number can be found in the connection e-mail that you will receive after registration.  

Q. Can I watch on my smartphone or tablet?

Readytalk offers iPhone, iPad and Android applications. Once you download the appropriate application for your device, you will be able to join the meeting by following the link from your e-mail. The meeting will actually launch from Safari and the ReadyTalk app will be running in the background supporting the meeting. Simply click the link in your e-mail, and you will be taken right to the meeting. For more information, go to ReadyTalk’s Mobile Conferencing page.

Q: How will I receive my PDH certificate? How do I receive PDH certificates for other people attending at my connection?

A: Attendance is self-reported by the registrant after the webinar. An e-mail will be sent to you within two days following the webinar with information on how to report your attendance as well as anyone else who attended at your connection. Certificates are e-mailed directly to the attendees immediately after attendance is reported.   

Q: I didn't get my certificate. What should I do?

A: The certificate e-mail was likely blocked by your spam filter. Please check your spam filter to see if the e-mail landed there. Please add the e-mail address to your e-mail contact list. Once that is done, the certificate can be resent. In either case, if you still do not receive your certificate, please contact us at and we will help resolve the issue.

Q: What if my submitted question did not get answered during the live webinar?

A: Unanswered questions from the live sessions are reviewed and answered by the lecturer and/or the AISC Solutions Center. The question with answer is then e-mailed to the individual who submitted it during the live session.  Response time varies for unanswered questions but every effort is made to respond in a timely manner.